Dynamic Health Care aims to provide community based health care that will break down the barriers of behavioral  health while contributing to the promotion of building positive family structures and the mental well-being of individuals in the communities we serve. It takes a village to raise a child and a community to build a family. Our mission is to provide comprehensive psychiatric services that will contribute to the mental wellbeing of individuals in our community, while being a pillar within our community.


We are a Maryland State Licensed provider of Outpatient Mental Health Clinic and Psychiatric Rehabilitation. We serve everyone  from children ages 5 to adults.

As a mental health facility our focus is primarily individuals with mental health illnesses that are severe and persistent. These individuals may be facing  personal, social, behavioral, psychiatric, vocational and/or financial challenges.


There is no “one size fits all” solution when dealing with mental health. Each person we encounter during the intake process is treated on an individual basis. We provide each person the time, support, and resources they need in order to achieve the goals we help them set. Our intention is to be a valuable place with ample resources for our community. 


  • Assist individuals to identify and confront areas they may struggle with, by helping them  acquire knowledge and skills that will help promote independence, self sufficiency and productivity on a consistent basis, and during a crisis’ situation within the community , as well as creating a course of treatment for those that need it.

  • Reduce the negative stigma around mental health within the community through education and increasing community awareness of mental health disorders and equipping the community with adequate tools and resources to cope with mental health diagnosis while creating a safe place that allows for transparent conversation, and the empowerment of all members 

  • Enhance each member's ability to optimize their level of functionary potential and capabilities.


  • Aid individuals in securing/maintaining stable employment and affordable housing.

  • Foster an environment that encourages parent reunification

  • Help individuals obtain desired educational goal and/or desired vocational goal.

  • Acquire and maintain stable affordable housing 

  • Appropriately manage mental health stability by utilizing healthy coping skills and mental health resources to become a contributing member within their community.