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We are committed to providing quality mental health care that is aligned with the individuals overall health goals and prior/present medical needs. We build and maintain our relationships through showing and understanding the values of trust, respect, confidentiality, compassion and family.


Meet the team committed to these values!


Iyabo Akinnuoye


Because of her passion for serving people on a holistic level, Iyabo Akinnuoye founded Dynamic Health Care. Akinuoye worked as a certified addictions for a methadone clinic and within this setting, she worked hands-on with heroin addicts with a dual diagnosis. This experience further fueled her passion for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, as she recognized the need for expanded mental health services. 


 Ekene Agabu

Staff Director

 With over a decade of experience in the mental healthcare field, Ekene Agabu has an understanding of the qualities needed to serve our various communities. With a keen passion for service and teamwork, he believes that the true purpose of position and leadership is to serve and improve the lives of those we come in contact with.


Shanzet Jones

Agency Director

Shanzet has been a faithful employee at Dynamic Healthcare for the last 5 years. Shanzet is well known as a people’s person and loves to organize and volunteer within the community helping others. As DHC’s License and Regulation’s Director, the patient's needs are Shanzet’s first priority!


Shifawu Odunsi

Community Development Director

Prior to joining Dynamic Health Care, Shifawu worked as a Peace Corp Volunteer in Botswana, Africa as a Local Government Capacity Building Specialist. She worked extensively with multiple stakeholders in the planning, implementation & evaluation of community-based activities that addressed psychosocial support, HIV/AIDS related issues, and rehabilitation throughout her community.

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