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Clinic (OMHC)


What Does OMHC Mean?

An Outpatient Mental Health Clinic does not refer to one specific type of treatment or diagnosis. Instead, it is a general term for therapy that occurs in an office, hospital, or clinical setting but does not require an overnight stay. Unlike residential or inpatient treatment, patients who receive outpatient treatment go home each night and are not required or advised to stay overnight at the facility.


Dynamic Health Care is an outpatient mental health clinic that services Baltimore, Maryland families, and communities by providing a variety of plans, treatments, and resources that will help with an individuals' mental stability. DHC aims to educate, elevate and normalize discussions around mental health. We do this by utilizing our own DHC on the ground team, our Community Development Team (CDT). The CDT's goal is to assist Dynamic in changing the narrative regarding mental health


OMHC services are provided by licensed mental health professionals and practitioners that assist with establishing healthier and more productive lives. 

Outpatient Mental Health Services

  • Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Individual Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Family Therapy (without patient)

  • Family Therapy (with patient)

  • Medication Managment

Benefits of OMHC Services 

  • Patients are provided a support system 

  • Outpatient is normally more affordable inpatient

  • Patients have the opportunity integrate new coping skills in their ever day life immediately 

  • Enables patients to develop the skills to manage their  symptoms and responsibilities 




The initial intake process is started when an individual over the age of 12 or their guardian if they are a  minor comes on-site for a full briefing of OMHC and all services offered.  Individual and/or guardian must fill out required documentation as well as a Pre-Intake Questionnaire, Intake Initial Screening, and Assessment. 


Individual goes through Dynamic Healthcares's OMHC intake process  for initial psychiatric evaluation, psychosocial and will begin therapy.  The individual will have a choice of in-home or in-office therapy. Transportation will be provided if needed.

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Once individual is referred and has set an initial appointment for a review of services, signs consents and obtains copies of their appropriate credentials, individual is then assigned a  Rehab Specialist  and a OMHC Coordinator. Coordinator will make contact before 48 hours for their first appointment.

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The individual will meet on-site with the Dynamic Health Care’s Rehabilitation Specialist and complete a Behavioral Health Screening/Rehabilitation Assessment.


With information gathered from treating the therapist, psychiatrist, parent, consumer and rehabilitation specialist, a rehab plan will be developed and the patient will be assigned their personal OMHC counselor.

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