Initial intake process is started when an individual over the age of 16, or their guardian if they are a  minor comes on-site for a full briefing of PRP and all services offered.  Individual and or guardian must fill out required documentation as well as Pre- Intake Questionnaire and Intake: Initial Screening and Assessment. 

Individual is referred to one of our partner OMHC (Outpatient Mental Health Clinic) for initial Psychiatric Evaluation, Psychosocial, and begin therapy.  Consumer will have a choice of location of Individual transportation will be provided if needed.

If Consumer qualifies for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program treating Therapist or Psychiatrist will refer the consumer to Dynamic Health Care’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program.

Individuals and or guardian will meet on-site with Dynamic Health Care’s Rehabilitation Specialist and complete a Behavioral Health Screening/ Rehabilitation Assessment.


With information gathered from treating Therapist, Psychiatrist, Parent, Consumer, and Rehabilitation Specialist, a rehab plan will be developed and the individual will be assigned their personal PRP counselor.