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October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every year, during the month of October, people all over the world celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During this month we all do our part to help raise awareness of this disease, increase early diagnoses and treatment, mourn those we have lost and support those who are still battling.

In 2020 The American Cancer Society's estimates about 276,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women. It is said that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their life time. Unfortunately people, particularly women from low income area are being impacted at a higher rate than others, not because they are more likely develop the cancer, but because they are less likely to receive an early diagnosis, can not afford or will not receive proper treatment. Although Black women get breast cancer at a slightly lower incidence rate (3%) than white women, Black women are 42% more like to DIE of breast cancer than white women.

In addition to skin cancer, Breast cancer is undoubtedly the most common cancer among women worldwide in developing countries. Breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death, after lung cancer in women. Self checks and Mammography are the best ways to detect breast cancer early. Black women and other women of color should perform self exams are frequently as possible, along with getting yearly check ups.

Breast self-exam:

There are various things to look for during a self exam:

  • A new lump in the breast or underarm

  • Redness or rash

  • Pain in any area of the breast

  • Any shape change in the size or the shape of the breast.

  • Nipple discharge liquid other than breast milk (including blood).

If you experience any of the signs above, please reach out to your doctor.

There is still no cure for Breast Cancer and doctors do not know the direct cause, but there are some factors that may put you at higher risk such as age and being a carrier or the mutation of your BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes.

How To Help

Here are just a few ways that you or your company can help this October.

  • Screening & Treatment: Giving a one-time or monthly donation and pay for a woman you know to get tested.

  • Self-Education: Get a nurse or someone in your neighborhood to host a private event to teach women how they can do self-examinations every month.

  • Share: Tell your story and personal thoughts that how you or a loved one have fought the disease or support someone fighting the disease against breast cancer.

The most important thing to know is early detection is key. Doctors are advising women 40 and over to have annual checks, but please make sure to do a self check as often a possible.

If you have any questions, or need support during this month please reach out to us at


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