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How to Keep Up Self-Care While at Home

It may seem a bit hard to focus on self-care right now because well, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. But if you really think about it, this is the best time to do it. So let’s refocus that stress into good energy and start practicing some self care!

Self care at home is actually pretty simple and you’ll find that once you start doing it, you’ll question why you didn’t start before! Find below a few ways to start self care at home. We promise you won’t regret getting started!

Binge watch the movie that makes you laugh the most. We all have that one movie that we can always go back to no matter how many times we’ve seen it before. This movie makes you laugh, pulls at your heart strings and makes you forget all about the negative energy that was drowning your soul. Put on that movie, grab some snacks and let your mind take a night off.

Positive affirmations BUT make them all about you. You love yourself, right? Well, why aren’t you telling yourself that? Write down all the things you love about yourself. Preferably on post-its. And then stick those suckers on every wall in your house. Make sure you see at least one in every room. Think of these little notes of love letters to yourself. They’ll remind you how amazing you are!

Take a technology break. Yeah, that’s right. Turn every piece of technology you have OFF. Designate an hour or two of this a day and call it the “Quiet Hour.” Use that time to step away from the things that might stress you out: social media, work, text messages, etc. And use it to just reflect and be at peace for a bit. Or read a book. Or journal. Either way, NO TECHNOLOGY.

Namaste It. Yoga. Walk. Run. Bike Ride. Whichever floats your boat and helps you connect with your inner being, do it. Tune into a playlist you really like and use 30 min a day to focus on your physical health. That physical exercise will help exercise your mind in a positive way.

Be Chef Boyardee for the Night. Remember that book of recipes that has been left to collect dust? Well, dust it off, pick a random recipe and have fun cooking it! When we’re not doing self care, we tend to lean on eating out a lot to make us feel better but we all know that doesn’t really help. So try something new and cook for yourself. You’ll notice how much better it makes you feel afterwards.

Forget Your Routine. We tend to force ourselves into routines to fulfill voids but we forget that sometimes we’re overdoing it. Let go of your routine for the day. It’s ok. It’ll all be there the next day. But for today, you deserve a day without boundaries!

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