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Virtual Therapy vs. In-Person Therapy...Which Is Better for Me?

Since the pandemic has started, many people in therapy had to shift from in person to virtual therapy. Although therapy services have not stopped, the move to virtual affected people in various ways. There has been both positive and negative aspects to this transition . People are still navigating their options and want to know what is best for them. Let us help weight the pros and cons!

The biggest positive feedback that has come from virtual therapy is that it’s flexible and convenient. For those that had to travel to therapy, the convenience of being able to just hop on their phone or computer made it much more appealing. On top of that, it gave the person the option of wearing what they wanted (aka sweats) and it made them feel much more comfortable. Virtual therapy has also given people more time to focus on what they actually want to talk to their therapist about instead of feeling the anxiety of the day and rambling through things. All good things, right?

On the other end of it, many have felt that virtual therapy has caused their therapists to be less attentive. Some people have found that their therapist might be doing multiple things while talking to them and not fully paying attention during their session. This has made people feel even worse than they felt going into their session because well, they didn’t really get anything accomplished. Some have also stated that they prefer to be in an actual office/room. It allows them to open up more versus being at home and not having the privacy they need if they live with others.

With strong pros and cons, it’s a bit difficult to figure out which option might be best for you. And though at this time most therapists are solely virtual, when the pandemic subsides, there will still be the option of virtual sessions. So how do you navigate this?

Honestly it all depends on the type of environment you prefer while in therapy. Comfortability plays a big factor in therapy and if you’re not comfortable, you’ll be less likely to open up. So take a moment to decide if you’re more comfortable at home or in an office. Once you make that decision, the next step would be to choose a therapist that has your best interest at heart, is aligned with your goals and will be attentive (no matter where you do it). Those three factors together will help start your positive journey to health and wellness with therapy!!

Whether you prefer virtual or in person services, Dynamic Health Care’s exceptional therapists and counselors will ensure you are comfortable and will work with you hand in hand to achieve your goals. Our therapists are attentive, compassionate and have your best interest at heart.

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