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Positive Habits That’ll Help On Your Mental Health Journey

Working towards a better mental health doesn’t happen overnight and it’s definitely an everyday practice. BUT as the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” And with a few simple positive habits, your mental health will start improving a lot quicker and easier than you expected. So what are some habits that’ll help, you ask? We’re happy to help!

Talk to yourself. You read that correctly. What you think about yourself is truly important and speaking it out loud will definitely help. So every morning when you wake up or when you’re feeling down, take a minute to think about the positive things you love about yourself and say them out loud. SHOUT it out loud if you need to! Just remember to say it.

Focus on one thing in the moment. Having so much going on at the same time might feel like the right thing to do because well you’re keeping busy. But honestly, it might actually be distracting you from focusing on your mental health or masking things on your mind. Take the time to organize yourself and just focus on one thing at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Eat a good meal. And by eat a good meal, we don’t mean Chinese food or pizza. We mean a GOOD MEAL. Try working on cutting out sugars or caffeine (things that escalate anxiety) and focus on things that make you feel good afterwards. Veggies, fruits, healthy starches, etc.

Be kind to others. There is such a good feeling tied into helping others. Whether it’s big or small, it goes a long way to be there for someone else. So if a friend is in need of some help or just someone to talk to, be there for them. You helping them will make them feel better and also brighten up your day.

Start today. Don’t wait until the “perfect time” to get started on working towards a better mental health. Small steps are better than no steps. So know that you can take your time with it but get started on it!

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